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The Task Overload Fable: A Story about Doing Too Much

It's already July. Time flies super duper fast, doesn't it?

Anyway, today I wanna tell you a quick story about Polly and Noodle.

Polly the Collie kept busy doing tasks for everyone. Then she learned an important lesson from Noodle the Labra-Doodle…

Polly and Noodle were different, even though they were friends. Polly was short and shaggy. She was constantly busy helping others.

Noodle, a Labra-Doodle was a tall dog. A cross between a Labrador and poodle, Noodle liked to do crafts and spend time with friends.

Polly was constantly circling Noodle, literally and figuratively. As Noodle walked at a slow speed, Polly ran around her, barking and jumping.

Polly was always involved in doing projects. She was driven to be productive. Polly helped neighborhood cats find mice all day. She took responsibility to chase that young pup, Gabby, away when he came around, yapping at the kids.

Noodle was careful with how she spent her time. True, she did plenty of work but always left time for personal enjoyment.

Polly helped anyone for any reason. She even assisted an elderly dog, Frannie, to dig holes when Frannie was content to dig slowly on her own.

One day, Polly complained to Noodle, “Oh, I’m exhausted. I don’t feel like keeping my own home neat or even spending time with you anymore, and you’re my best friend!”

Noodle listened intently. Then Noodle said calmly, “Polly, you only get one life to live. Why not spend it doing things that are truly important to you? What’s more important: looking for mice or taking care of home? Chasing away Gabby or spending time with me?”

“Every day, you show yourself and the world what matters most by how you choose to spend your time. What are priorities?”

From this day forward, Polly used Noodle’s advice to create a more joyful, fulfilling life. Although she was still busy, she was busy doing things that mattered.

Moral of the story? 
Save some energy for things that matter and learn to say ‘no’ to those that don’t. :-)

You see, Polly the collie was caught up in the rat race of life. She was trying to do everything for everyone all the time. She should learn to say no and prioritize what's important in life.

Noodle the Labra-Doodle, however, wasn’t quite as interested in how others spent their lives. She wanted to get her errands done so she could then take part in activities that brought her joy like spending time with Polly and her other friends.

Polly felt exhausted and frustrated that she had no time or energy left at the end of the day to do the activities she loved to do. Noodle, on the other hand, was content, even happy, because she consistently did the things she enjoyed.

Like Polly, you could be running the rat race of life. You might be trying to do every task or project that’s presented to you. Maybe you help every single person that asks for help or just do things for others even if they don’t request it.

You could be so caught up in getting things done that you’re unable to simply stop what you’re doing and think about the choices you’re making every single day.

Because the stuff of life has a way of taking over your time, it’s best if you allow yourself a few minutes each day to ponder what you’ll be doing and how you’ll be spending your time that day. Perhaps you could think about at least one or two activities you could do each day that you really want to do and that would bring you simple contentment or great joy.

When you do these things, you’ll suddenly begin to breathe and have more fun and lightness in your life. You probably won’t feel as tired and you’ll feel more satisfied, too.

If you plan to save some of your energy for things that matter and learn to say ‘no’ to things that don’t, you’ll find that living a joyful life comes easily.

Now, to get the most of what you've just learned, take the time to ask yourself the following questions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I caught up in the rat race of life, always trying to get ahead and feeling constantly exhausted?

2. How recently have I done something I truly wanted to do, just because?

3. What changes can I make to ensure I have some energy each day to do what I really want?

What do you think? Are you sometimes guilty of spreading yourself too thin? Share your answer in the comments below. :-)

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Are Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

Limiting beliefs have more of a negative impact on your life than any other factor.

After all, most of us are pretty rational – we're not going to spend a lot of time on something that we believe is doomed for failure. Why would you even try to lose weight if you genuinely believed that everyone in your family was destined to be overweight?

We all carry around numerous limiting beliefs. They come from a variety of sources as well as from our own interpretation of the world around us. Humans can't help but learn, but sometimes we learn things that are inaccurate.

Fortunately, you can eliminate limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that empower you. Imagine replacing a limiting belief with one that makes life easier and enables you to be more successful. How would you feel?

It's important to follow a plan or process. Most things in life are like baking a cake. If you do all the right things in the right order, in the end you'll get a cake. It's impossible to have any other result. Likewise, by following a process, you can banish your limiting beliefs.

Processes can be a wonderful thing. For example, if you have an effective process for getting up and getting ready in the morning, you'll never be late. If you have a healthy process for deciding what to eat, you're likely pretty healthy.

 What is a limiting belief? For our purposes, here’s our definition: “A limiting belief is one that causes life to be  less than completely satisfying.”

You might believe that you can't be a doctor, but if you have no interest in becoming a doctor, what's the harm? There's no point in dealing with a belief like that, because eliminating it isn't going to have a positive impact on your life.

Focus your energy where it can have the greatest impact.

The belief that you can't be a doctor is not a limiting belief based on our definition. So, limiting beliefs are those beliefs that restrict desirable options or your happiness.

Consider that if all of your beliefs were 100% accurate, you would be able to have nearly anything you've ever wanted. Believing the right things has a huge impact on your level of success.

On my next blogpost, I will discuss HOW LIMITING BELIEFS  AFFECT YOUR LIFE. Stay tuned for that. :-)

Meanwhile, I'm doing the finishing touches on a book I've been working on. If you want to be updated when it's released, like my facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/MasterYourMindset

Stay awesomesauce! ;-)

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